This guide will allow you to create a personalization (different sizes, colors, etc.) for your products. Personalizations also offer many different input types such as: Text Fields, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Clickable Images, and more!

If you are utilizing variant pricing it will accept $1.00 to add to the base product price or -$1.00 to subtract from the base product price.

Setting up Personalizations

  • Go to Inventory View or Manage Products → Gear → Edit Variants
  • You will see the Variants tab in the top menu

  • Click on the Personalizations link in the left menu
  • In the Question field, type in the word or phrase you would like the personalization to be displayed as on the storefront, for example, "Size" or "Color"

  • Choose the Input Type (drop-down menu, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc.)
  • Click Save
  • In the left menu, click the Question name (e.g. "Size") that you just created. You can also edit the Question settings (e.g. "Color Settings") in the menu below.

  • Enter your first Answer (such as "Small") and click Save
  • Repeat for each Answer you want to create. (e.g. "red", "blue","green")
  • When you have all of the Answers entered in, you will need to make sure that you have the question set to Enabled

note: The personalization will not display on the product detail page if you do not enable it.

  • You can also make it Required, the customer would then have to choose an answer in order to add the item to the cart.
  • If you need to add a SKU, pricing, inventory level, weight, etc. to the Answer, click the Edit icon to the right.
  • When, then click Save
  • If you want to see your product with the Personalizations you set up, click the product name to open a new tab/window to that product.

note: If you want your personalization pricing (and cost, if applicable) to be added to or to the base product price:

  • Go to Settings  Inventory Settings
  • Make sure that Product Option Prices are is set to Added to the base product price. 

  • Weight is ALWAYS added, regardless of what this setting is set to.

I want to track my Colors, Sizes, Patterns, etc.. all as one unit! To do so, Click here and learn about Options/Options Sets.