Options are one type of product variant. For example, let's say you sell t-shirts. You have a shirt that comes in two colors (red and blue) and three sizes (small, medium, and large). So you might have a selection of small red, medium red, large red, small blue, medium blue, and large blue.   

If you need to track inventory of these different size/color combinations, then you will want to use options/option sets. 

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Adding options to your products

  • Go to Inventory View or Manage ProductsSettings EditVariants
  • If you haven't already enabled advanced options, click the "Yes" button in the section that asks if you want to enable advanced options.  
  • Click Options in the left side navigation.  

Option Group Question

  • Enter the name of the option group you would like to create (e.g. Color or Size).  
  • Click the Create button to save the option group.  
  • In the left side options navigation, you will now see a new link for the group you just created.  Click that new link (-on Color or Size).  

Option Group Answer

  • Enter the name of the group option you would like to create (e.g. Red or Small).  
  • Click the Create button to save the group option.  
  • Edit the group option (e.g. Red or Small) by double clicking the row associated with the group option
  • You can specify the Price, SKU, sort, weight, cost, and MSRP for the group option.  
  • Click the Save inside the row of the group option you are editing to save the group option changes.
  • Once you have all of your groups and group options created, click the Option Sets link in the left side navigation.

 Option Sets

  • On the next page, you will see ALL of the combinations of each option that are possible.  

note: This list can dramatically grow if you add a lot of Options

  • Go through each option set on this page and enable each one you would like to display on the front end.
  • To more easily search the options you want to enable there is a filter drop down menu
  • You can also upload images and set inventory levels (if inventory tracking is set to the option level under General Info InventoryInventory Tracking By Option and Personalization).  
  • Click the Save button at the top of the page when you are finished.