If you are getting the error "Connection Partially Encrypted" (Green lock not appearing), "Parts of the page you are viewing were not encrypted before being transmitted over the Internet. Information sent over the Internet without encryption can be seen by other people while it is in transit.". This means you have some Image URL, JavaScript or HTML/CSS code being pulled into the page using http:// not https:// You need to make sure all URLs point to the https:// version of your website.

If you are just setting up your store you will be using the 'Wildcard' SSL.
Example: https://yourstorenamehere.corecommerce.com

If you own your domain and are using a 'dedicated' SSL
Example: https://yourstorenamehere.com

Note: If your website still shows as insecure when going to a specific URL email to support@corecommerce.com as we can perform an 'Apache Redirect' to resolve this issue.

If neither of the above options work check to see if your SSL has expired though your SSL provider (Godaddy, Network Solutions, etc..) for further assistance Click Here