No Shipping During Shipping Calculation

If you are missing shipping methods during calculation or receive 'There are no shipping methods configured for this shipping zone' please follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings Shipping Settings Setup Shipping Zones Click edit next to the zone you are having issues with.
    • If using multi-shipping options you want to ensure you have shipping methods selected and configured or else you will receive errors.
    • If you are using the older Real-time setup, ensure you have the correct carrier shipping methods selected.
  • If you are using Real-time shipping in multi-shipping options you want to ensure you have the correct carrier credentials entered in. In some cases you can re-register to force an update of your API credentials.
    • This can be set access directly in Settings Shipping Settings Real-time Carriers.
  • With Real-time shipping or by Order Weight shipping, you must ensure products have weights entered in. It is also recommend to input the box dimensions but this is not required.
    • This can be set directly in Go to Inventory→ View or Manage Products → Settings→ Edit → General Info