Creating your design 

  • Edit HTML/CSS   
  • Add Content to Homepage (coming soon)
  •  widgets (coming soon)
    • Creating custom Widgets (coming soon)
  • Uploading a logo (coming soon)


Adding Products 

  • Manually creating products 
  • Adding through a CSV import 

Creating Categories 

  • Manually Creating Categories  (coming soon)
  • Adding through a CSV import  (coming soon)

Creating product Variants  

  • Options  (coming soon) 
  • Personalizations (coming soon)


  • Configuring Real-Time Shipping (UPS,Fedex,etc.)  (coming soon)
  • Flat rate shipping (coming soon)
  • Configuring Free Shipping (coming soon) 



(Coming Soon)


(Coming Soon)

    You will first need to select a base template, even if you plan on creating a full custom website. The base template will load all of the HTML/CSS files to the Server.

    To select a template go to Design->Design Themes on the left navigation. You will be taken to the template listing page. From there click on the check-box or eyeglass to activate or preview the template:

  • You can switch between multiple themes to find the one that best fits your needs. Any html/css changes you make within a template will be retained, so you can always go back to your original theme if needed.
  • This is accessible via the Previous Themes tab.


There are a few ways you can edit the html and css of your website. The first is by going to Design->Edit HTML/CSS This will open our in built in editor so you can make modifications directly through the admin

You can also edit your HTML/CSS files and add new files by using FTP below we have linked a few of our favorite FTP clients.

WinSCP (Windows only)

Filezilla  (Mac & Windows)

Cyberduck (Mac & Windows)

Transmit (Mac only)

For more details on how to login Using FTP including FTP/SSL settings please see the following article

Creating Products


There are 2 methods to add products to your shopping cart, manually and via a CSV import

  • To manually add products to your website, from your left navigation go to Inventory->Add Products



This will take you to the product detail form which will allow you to add details such as Price,description,etc. For more information on adding products to your website, please click here 

Adding products through a CSV import 

    To import and Export your product listing, navigate to Inventory->Manage Products. On the product list page click the down arrow next to the green 'add new products' button on the right of the screen.

A sample of our product csv file can be found HERE ( A file also containing the meaning for each header can be found HERE)