September 2019 Features and Updates

September 2019 Feature Update

                     Here are the most recent features added to CoreCommerce in August 2019:

-Added logic so you can now mark an order as void and replinish the Inventory - IF inventory is enabled. Previously, marking the order as void would not replenish the inventory levels.
 -Added a Homepage Popup setting , this can be enabled by going to Design->Homepage Design Options. A new section will appear at the bottom of the page called 'Homepage Modal'.
 -Updated Admin UI Settings. Fufillment Settings can now  be found in the Orders tab on the left Navigation along with Point of  Sale, and the Store API now has a setting on the left navigation.
-Added a "View my Store" link to the top navigation of the admin panel. Updates were also made to the logo for the view my store icon.
-Created a toggle for each vendor which will allow users the ability to Enable/Disable vendors. This also has the ability to enable/disable any products tied to those vendors.
-Added new password reset logic for new users (When you create a new user inside the CoreCommerce admin, add a button for "generate secure password". This will only apply when creating a new user).
 -Added new logic so you can now click 'SAVE AND STAY HERE' inside of settings->shipping settings->setup shipping zones->multi shipping options.
 -Modified the ##IF_BLOG_POST## token so that it can support 2 scenarios:

 1. ##IF_BLOG_POST## (this would blanket cover ALL blog article detail pages, and this is currently supported)
 2. ##IF_BLOG_POST_X## (X is the blog article ID, so  this would ONLY cover blog article ID X, meaning I could now target a  specific article to add custom HTML or CSS to an article.

3. Please note this does not include any minor bug fixes and improvements.

If you have any questions about any of these features, feel free to contact us at 800-747-4270 or email us at

 CoreCommerce Team                

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